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LED lighting for the home and office LED lighting for landscaping and outdoors. LED lighting for indoor and outdoor signage.
LED lighting for the home and office LED lighting for landscaping and outdoors LED lighting for indoor and outdoor signage.

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Switch to Long Lasting, Energy Efficient LED Lights

As homeowners and business owners search for ways to lower monthly bills and operating costs, one money-saving solution shines brighter than most others - and that is the use of efficient LED lighting. When comparing the advantages of LED lights over traditional incandescent options, the differences are staggering. The operational life of a typical white LED lamp is 100,000 hours, while the average life of an incandescent bulb is approximately 5,000 hours. The increased lifespan of LED lights is certainly a major factor in saving money, but even more significant is the reduced power consumption of LED lights.

Incandescent bulbs operate at about 20 percent efficiency (80 percent of the electrical energy is lost as heat). A properly designed LED circuit will approach 80 percent efficiency, meaning that 80 percent of the electrical energy is converted to light energy, and the remaining 20 percent is lost as heat energy. To break this down into real money terms, consider this: If a 100-watt incandescent bulb is used for one year with an electrical cost of 10-cents per kilowatt hour, the electrical cost would be $88. Of the $88, $70 would be wasted do to the heat loss instead of lighting the room. If an 80 percent efficient LED system had been used, the electricity cost would be $23 per year - resulting in a a cost savings of $65 on electricity during the year.

To measure the true cost savings of LED lights over incandescent bulbs, one must include the cost of replacement bulbs as well as the time and labor expense needed to replace them. These are significant factors, especially in large facilities. For office buildings and skyscrapers, maintenance and labor costs to replace bulbs can be enormous. These issues can be virtually eliminated by converting to LEDs, which are especially advantageous when lighting devices are embedded in difficult to reach places. Most incandescent light bulbs expire within one year, and need to be replaced; however, LED light bulbs can realistically be used for 10 years and longer.

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